I am a songwriter/musician; but, I do not sing a lick!  Therefore, I am always listening for gifted vocalists to bring alive the message in the music. Many songs are directly from scripture but all are scripturally based.   I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Music Therapy.  I got away from music while raising my three kids.  Now that I have three grandkids, I am back to music.

I am originally from Philadelphia and moved to Virginia in 1988.  I was ordained into the Gospel Ministry in 1994 and my primary gift is teaching.  I play bass and violin for various groups and churches in the Richmond, Virginia area (Offering Worship Band, Sounds of Rapture as well as Pacita's Friends).   I also work as a Juvenile Parole Officer for the State of Virginia.

Conveying the Word of God through music is the Mission.   Smooth Gospel is the Mood.   Expressing multi cultural styles to achieve unity is the Goal.  As we celebrate and learn to appreciate our differences, we learn to accept and truly love each other.  The end of this dispensation is at hand and we must reach the lost.

Music is the universal language.  My latest project, “Nevertheless, He Came” consists of various styles such as Jazz, Ballads, Hebrew, Country, Latin, and R&B, and even a wedding song.  All songs are scripturally based.  All are sung by spirit filled singers and extremely talented musicians from the Richmond Virginia area. 

The title song (Nevertheless, He Came) was inspired by a sermon preached by Bishop Barbara Amos in 1982 at Sanctuary Church of the Open Door in Philadelphia.  All songs have scriptural content and are meant to teach, edify, reinforce, and provoke the listener to get to know Jesus.  A pastor can use this music to reinforce the message from the pulpit.  It can be used as a ministry tool to reach the lost.   It can be used for the bible student to help learn scripture.  When you sing along, you are singing the Word of God.

Enjoy and God Bless You! 





I WOULD RATHER FLY THAN CRAWL. “I would rather be an eagle than an ant.  As an eagle I can spread my wings and soar on the mighty winds of God; to be lifted to heights that only He can take me and achieve spiritual oneness with Him”

I have worked at making this comparison my life’s credo. Born in Brunswick County, Virginia, and the daughter of a farmer; my parents raised me with a strong sense of self and God. They taught me a love of nature and to listen with appreciation the artistic details our Lord used when fashioning His creations.  Even though I do not sing or play an instrument; I have a love for beautifully created and arranged music.  I was educated and received an Associates degree in Business Administration from Southside Virginia Community College.  As a Performance Analyst with Dominion Virginia Power, I chart and analyze the work performance of my department and recommend process improvements.  I’m a deacon and administrative assistant at the Seven Pines Baptist Church in Sandston, Virginia.  I also serve as General Manager for the religious performance group, Restoration Ministries.  As the mother of one son and one granddaughter, I love spending quality time with my family.  For relaxation, I enjoy ceramic painting and traveling; especially to the ocean.